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Welcome to our Website!!

On February 21, 2014, we lost our long-time friend and loyal Republican, Thomas (Thom) Haigh, when he passed away after a short illness. Thom was the Chairman of our Pike County Republican Executive Committee and lived by conservative Republican values. He was a very active lawyer serving the Pike County community and an active member of the Collegedale Church of Christ. We continue our prayers for his family and his wife, Nell, who continues her involvement in the Pike County Republican Women.

Thanks for your interest in the Pike County Alabama Republican Party. Our purpose is to elect and re-elect Republican candidates to office at the county, state and national levels.
We work to build the Republican Party in Pike County by asking citizens who believe in our mission and values below to join with us and participate in our activities. Click on the links below to become a member and to volunteer. Click on the links above to see our elected officials, candidates, party officers and events.

The 2014 Alabama Republican Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, June 3. We urge you to vote for the candidate of your choice who supports our Pike County values listed below:

Vote a straight Republican Ballot in November. Click on the ‘Our Candidates’ page above to see the very qualified Republican candidates we are supporting.

Your straight Republican Ballot vote will support Pike County values:

- a strong free market economy with job opportunities for all, sensible business regulations, a business climate that promotes small-businesses and job creation, limited government, low taxes and balanced budgets;
- a strong family-based community through personal responsibility and hard work and ready to help those in need, protect the unborn child and support marriage between a man and a woman;
- a strong 2nd Amendment protecting the right to bear arms and gun ownership;
- a strong local/state education system with local control, high standards and school choice;
- a strong privately-run health care/insurance system centered on physician-patient relationship, lower insurance costs, quality care and insurance competition;
- a strong national defense with peace through strength based on freedom and the will to defend it;
- a strong energy plan to achieve energy independence through responsible production of oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear, biomass, solar and wind energy resources;
- a strong court system with judges who follow the law and base their rulings on the constitution.

Join with us and participate – click the links below for opportunities to help us.
You can make a difference!!!!!!


Pike GOP
About Us | Campaign 2014 | Elected Officials | Our Candidates | Events | Contact  |

Pike County Young Republicans | Troy University Republicans | Republican Women | Events | Volunteer

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