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Pike County GOP

About Us


    The Pike County Republican Executive Committee
    The Pike County Republican Executive Committee is established by Alabama law and is responsible under the law to advance, direct and regulate the Republican Party and its official activities in Pike County, Alabama. The membership of the Executive Committee is made up of citizens of Pike County, who support the principles of the Republican Party and who are qualified voters and residents of Pike County. They are elected by primary voters in the Alabama Republican Party election every four years from voting precincts or at-large positions in Pike County. They serve a four-year term.
    The Steering Committee
    The Steering Committee is the leadership of the Pike County Republican Executive Committee and is responsible for carrying out the routine business of the Party between meetings of the Executive Committee. To contact a member of the Steering Committee, please send an email to pikecogop@gmail.com.
    The members of the Steering Committee are:
    Chairman: Jeffrey Knight
    Vice Chairman: Donald Lee
    Secretary: Amy Dent
    Treasurer: Bert Fridlin
    At Large: Shirley Reddoch

    Mission of the Executive Committee
    To promote Republican values and ideals within the community of Pike County Alabama and to offer the opportunity for our citizens who support these values and ideals to join together to ensure that our elected officials share these values and ideals.


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